50 % of shares belong to

Thorsten Runge

Managing Partner of
Günter Anlagenbau GmbH

  • Since 2000

 Project Leader for plant construction / senior commercial employee with Günter Anlagenbau GmbH; 
In parallel studies of business economics with focus on materials management / Supply Chain Management   Realignment of the plant construction department of Guenter Anlagenbau GmbH and development of an own engineering and construction department. 

  • Since 2010

 Shareholder and Managing Director of Guenter Anlagenbau GmbH (Industrial Systems and Mechanical Engineering)



50 % of shares belong to

BBB Beratungs- und Beteiligungs GmbH
Dr. Karl Hermann Bruch

Managing Partner of
BBB Beratungs- und Beteiligung GmbH
(consulting and holding company) 

Managing Partner of
Kaiser Feuerfest-Montage GmbH

Completed degree in metallurgy of RWTH Aachen; then Operating/Production Engineer and Managing Director in different companies of the aluminium, zinc and processing industry, as well as plant construction and engineering. 

  • Since 2014

 Shareholder and Managing Director of  BBB Beratungs- und Beteiligungs GmbH(Consulting in the area of metallurgy, techniques and process optimization)

  • Since 2017

 Shareholder and Managing Director of  Kaiser Feuerfest-Montage GmbH (Services for Refractory Construction)